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My day in tweets...

  • 09:52 twitpic.com/17d2kb - I love the NYC subway. #
  • 13:13 I've totally got a case of the Mondays. T_T #
  • 13:52 All U Johny Yell-Some-Nonesense fellas & U Mary-Wailin-Jesus-Name sisters gon get war on your hands. Get'em papa! #
  • 14:34 I listen 2 Alejandro by @ladygaga cuz it makes me feel better. Its bittersweet cuz I know my dad must <3 this song (sounds like Ace of Base) #
  • 23:21 Good deed of the day: I just convinced my step dad to adopt a puppy instead of buy from a store/breeder. Yay for not getting put down! #
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