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Yehaw for Katsucon!!

A good time was had indeed. It's interesting to see the differeny dynamics that occur at Cons. Some cons are known for great panels and guests, some are good for screenings, and some are all about the costumes, like Katsucon. If you weren't in costume at Katsucon, you were definately in the minority. It's kind of humbling. But perhaps its a good thing... maybe I wouldn't have been ready for the full attention of dressing as FMA's Lust at a normal con. I got practically no male attention... because I had a Scar-cosplaying-boyfriend at my side the whole time. On the otherhand, I got a lot more female attention than I normally do. I was glomped a handfull of times by girls wanting me to whisper sweet death threats in their ear.

And I caught a cold thanks to the con. Walking around for three days without a soul will do that to you.

I did get to make my con debut. The guy who MCs all the east coast con's asked my group (as a personal favor) to be in the Masquerade preshow, played red carpet style. Shortly there after, the group performed our FMA skit. My hit lines: "I'm not bad, I'm just transmuted that way." and "I love a man who's comfortable enough with his sexuality to kiss another man." Lustalicious.

So, anyone who wants to see some photos of my time there, please procede...

Check these out!

Scar and Lust

Riza Hawkeye and Mustang... could it be love? The cosplayers would like to think so.

Dead bug. I mean..! Greed.

Mustang vs Scar = "Don't do it, your gloves are wet!" vs "Stop getting distracted and make the stone already!"

va va voom.

va va va voom.

Totally in character.

Is it cold in here, or is it cuz I have no soul?

...and then the nun walked in on us.

Hitting on Riza...hitting on Hughes... Roy is pimp daddy.

we had to take the Metro in. Danny isn't in costume. That's how she normally dresses.

We weren't in costume either.

stopped on the NJ TPK

Scar X Roy... now there's a hentai manga for you.

Silly Zombis...trix are for kids.

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i love you long time with mouth
Woot! More pictures!